who is noah

My name is Noah Ó Donnaile (or Noah Donnelly, iandioch, cac), and I am from Monaghan, Ireland.

I am studying a BSc. in Computational Problem Solving and Software Development at Dublin City University.

I like dogs, programming, dogs, languages (go háirithe an Ghaeilge), and dogs.

I'm looking for an internship; take a wee peek at my CV. Read about my recent projects on my blog, and subscribe to its RSS feed.

More Detail

Here is cold hard data about me, coming at you live (Ajax-fetched and plugged into Vue.js):

Project Euler

Project Euler is a website with over 650,000 members, full of mathematical programming problems.

I am in the top 20 Project Euler users in Ireland, and the top 0.8% worldwide, with {{ total_solved }} problems solved. I upload most of my solutions to a github repo, in which I have {{ num_solutions }} solutions to {{ num_problems_with_solutions }} problems, with the majority of solutions in {{ lang0 }} ({{ num_lang0 }}x), {{ lang1 }} ({{ num_lang1 }}x), {{ lang2 }} ({{ num_lang2 }}x), and {{ lang3 }} ({{ num_lang3 }}x).


I am an avid competitive programmer, and Kattis is a website with a selection of programming problems from various competitions, and an online grading system.

I currently have a score of {{ score }} on the site, which puts me in {{ global_rank }} place in the global rankings, and {{ irish_rank }} on the Irish leaderboard. I upload my problem solutions to a git repo; most are in {{ lang0 }} ({{ num_lang0 }}x) and {{ lang1 }} ({{ num_lang1 }}x).


I like music. Last.fm is a site that lets me keep stats on my music listening. You can see my account and listening habits here.

The last song I scrobbled was {{ last_song_title }} by {{ last_song_artist }} at {{ last_song_date }}. My most-listened-to artists are {{ top_artist0 }} (with {{ top_artist0_plays }} plays), {{ top_artist1 }} ({{top_artist1_plays}} plays), and {{ top_artist2 }} ({{ top_artist2_plays}} plays).

Bug Bounty Hunting

I have dipped my toes into the world of infosec by searching out cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and reporting them on OpenBugBounty. This site verifies the vulnerability and provides a coordinated disclosure system.

I have reported {{ num_vulns }} XSS vulnerabilities there, of which {{ num_vip }} were on VIP sites (the most popular 50k websites by Alexa ranking). I have been the Top VIP Security Researcher of the Week {{ num_top_vip_of_week }} times. You can see my profile here.


Find me on Twitter, Github, or LinkedIn. I'm on keybase.

This website was made with Flask, Jinja2, Vue.js, and a pile of scrapers and scripts. Suggest changes at its git repo. It is eternally in a state of flux. Praise the free web xo